Re: Holy Spirit and grammar

From: Edgar Krentz (
Date: Mon Sep 21 1998 - 11:32:06 EDT

Fundamentally I agree with youi, Jim. It's onlyi the one phrase I pick out
that I want to rephrase:

> However, and this we should never forget, the
>NT is written in Koine- the language of the market and the gutter. If you
>expect pure style in the NT you will be sorely disappointed.

My only problem here is the phrase "language of the market and gutter."
That is only partly true. It all reflects the Greek language in use in the
first century of the Roman Empire; but it is not all street and market
language. Some of ite can be rather sophisticated. For example, Hebrews
uses the phrase NUN DE to indicate the real state of affairs after a
statement of unreality.

I agree totally with Jim that you need to apply the usage of the period to
interpret the NT writers--but all the language.

Peace, Ed

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