Re: Septuagint apparatus

Date: Tue Sep 22 1998 - 06:32:09 EDT

Thanks very much for help! C.S. Bartholomew and Edgar Krentz have
both (in private postings or on list) suggested M = Codex
Colislinianus or Coislinianus (2 spellings), which is listed in a
paper sigla I don't have. Perhaps only with full edition? Mine is
pocket. I will try to get the references suggested by Dr. Krentz.

As for puzzle why in Daniel, it wasn't. In Genesis. I was just
browsing. Sorry to confuse the issue.

Appreciations again for the assistance. Sorry to interrupt. These
extra references suggested should answer any future questions, so I
can go back to lurking!

-Diana Shaw

Diana N. Shaw

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