Re: reading for vocabulary

From: Trevor Jenkins (
Date: Tue Sep 22 1998 - 04:50:39 EDT

After a few days of lurking on this list, which unlike many others I'm on seems
to be a model of politeness and courtesy, I feel compentent to comment upon
parts of this thread.

> >i can personally say that in several languages reading only became 'fluent'
> >and comfortable when i was able to orally process the language, including
> >listening (1st) and speaking (2nd).
> Yes, I experienced this in learning modern Japanese, although my primary
> interest was in learning to read.
> ...
> the goal of students learning NT Greek is not listening comprehension.

The major blockage to my own language learning has always been the sound of the
words whilst reading. Even when I reading I'm hearing. So if I don't know how
the language should be spoken then I'm sunk. I may be different from others but
I "hear" the text when I read something. The use of a non-Latin alphabet for
Greek only compounds my problem; at least with languages that are written with
Latin letter I can make a stab how the language is spoken---albeit with an
English pronunciation.

As to the Greek "it's all greek to me" :-) I've had a Greek NT and a copy of
Wenham's "Elements of NT Greek" on my bookshelves for 20+ years but that's
where they've stayed ... until now. I've dusted them off and started to use
them. I'll go back to lurkng until such time as I've learnt enough to know that
I need help.

Regards, Trevor


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