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From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Tue Sep 22 1998 - 09:22:30 EDT

At 08:50 AM 9/22/98 +0000, Trevor Jenkins wrote:
>The major blockage to my own language learning has always been the sound
of the
>words whilst reading. Even when I reading I'm hearing. So if I don't know how
>the language should be spoken then I'm sunk. I may be different from
others but
>I "hear" the text when I read something. The use of a non-Latin alphabet for
>Greek only compounds my problem; at least with languages that are written
>Latin letter I can make a stab how the language is spoken---albeit with an
>English pronunciation.
I wasn't able to tell whether you are still having difficulty with the
pronunciation of Greek. If you are, you may want to know that the "Little
Greek 101" site, listed in my signature below, includes sound samples to
help you learn how to pronounce Greek.


Jonathan Robie

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