Re: reading for vocabulary

From: yochanan bitan (
Date: Tue Sep 22 1998 - 16:29:21 EDT

we are agreed that greek could use some fairly radically redesigned reading
>"My impression would be,
>however, that so many cassettes are not really necessary -- one or two
>introduce the letter-sound correspondences and pronounce representative
>words, phrases, and sentences would be all that are needed, IMO." [g.ross]

the cassettes are only necessary if one wants to begin to internalize the
language, to lay a deep foundation. are we serious about learning/teaching
this leads to broader questions on language learning theory. does one
really internalize a lnaguage from reading-only?
would the BEST way to train to read french or spanish be through
reading-only? for long-term retention? for life-long use? for overall

(there are quite a few related considerations that could benefit greek
training programs.)

Erroso en tO nEo Eti (5759 "apO tHs arxHs tHs ktIseos tOU kOsmou", katA tO
IoudaikOn hmerolOyion)
randall buth

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