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Date: Wed Sep 23 1998 - 16:33:18 EDT

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> I am currently working on a paper dealing with Paul's usage of musterion(mystery) Most scholars claim it > originates with the mystery religions. i am looking for sources that deal with musterion in detail. Anty > suggestions friends?

I wish I could help ~ I have wondered about that term as well.

It shows up in John 11 with the PARA prefix, and translates commonly
as 'console'. [PARAMUQHSONTAI if I am remembering correctly] It
always seemed like a really big word for such a small meaning, yet if
it connects to its roots in mystery-religion, then perhaps it is
indicating more than just console. I have wondered if the Lazarus
event took place in an Essenian community, and if so, would the
Essenes qualify as a MUSTERION, and hence the alternative
understanding of this term with PARA in John 11?

As this is wandering off topic for b-greek, off list responses would
be more appropriate amd greatly appreciated.


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