Re: Divine name in NT

From: Wes Williams (
Date: Tue Sep 29 1998 - 13:22:14 EDT

On 09/28/98, "" wrote:

> > Scriptures. Professor George Howard goes on to say: "When the Hebrew
> > form for the divine name was eliminated in favor of Greek substitutes
> > in the Septuagint, it was eliminated also from the New Testament
> > quotations of the Septuagint. . . . Before long the divine name was
> > lost to the Gentile church except insofar as it was reflected in the
> > contracted surrogates or remembered by scholars."
> Can someone confirm or deny this? Or how would I search for it
> in the archives?


There was a discussion on the subject beginning with the post at:

As an aside, I corresponded with Professor Brown about his 1977 JBL
article. He said he still stands by his conclusions.

Wes Williams

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