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> > > Scriptures. Professor George Howard goes on to say: "When the Hebrew
> > > form for the divine name was eliminated in favor of Greek substitutes
> > > in the Septuagint, it was eliminated also from the New Testament
> > > quotations of the Septuagint. . . . Before long the divine name was
> > > lost to the Gentile church except insofar as it was reflected in the
> > > contracted surrogates or remembered by scholars."
> >
> > Can someone confirm or deny this? Or how would I search for it
> > in the archives?
> Kevin,
> There was a discussion on the subject beginning with the post at:
> As an aside, I corresponded with Professor Brown about his 1977 JBL
> article. He said he still stands by his conclusions.
Now, why did I write Brown here instead of Howard? It was because I was
thinking of fifteen other things when I wrote this. One of which is a thread
on the IOUDAIOS List that began with Howard's book _The Gospel of Matthew
according to a Primitive Hebrew Text_ and ended with Howard discussing the
Tetragrammaton. This interesting thread begins at: by a questioner
at Brown University. So, Brown - Howard. Go figure. I apologize for the
mistype of Brown for Howard.

The layout of the IOUDAIOS archives makes it difficult to follow a thread.
After reading the thread at the above link, you will need to go to and select
9408b, and then 9408c, and next 9410c, etc. To save everyone the trouble,
here is Howard's post with respect to Pietersma's thesis on the
Tetragrammaton in the LXX:

Subject: Re: tetragram/kyrios
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<begin Howard post>
If I understand it correctly, Al Pietersma's argument regarding theTetragram
in the Septuagint is that it was not an invention of the original
translators. Al believes that the Tetragram was inserted by later scribes.
I'm not as convinced of Al's thesis as Larry is (Al and I have discussed
this on several occasions), but if he is right, this is not to suggest that
early Christians were not influenced by copies of the Greek Scriptures which
contained the Tetragram. Several examples of the pre-Christian Greek Bible
contain the Tetragram. And, as I recall, there is no pre-Christian copy of
the LXX which reads Kyrios where the Tetragram appears in the Hebrew. At
least when I did my original research on this in 1977 this was the case.
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