Re: Comparatives/Superlatives in the NT

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Date: Thu Oct 08 1998 - 23:19:38 EDT

On Thu 8 Oct 98 (19:42:30), wrote:
> Both Perschbacher and Wallace use the term "elative" which I was not
> familiar with until reading their sections. I have seen "strengthened
> superlative," although that seems like a different thing to me.


 Perhaps Perschenbacher and Wallace had Paul's ELACISTOTEROS in mind from
 Ephesians 3:8: "less than the least" or "the leastest". Reminds me of
 "the Hostess with the mostest" in /Call me Madam/. 8-D

 Am I right? I only have JH Moulton, /An Introduction to the Study of NT
 Greek/ (revised ed 1955) and HPV Nunn, /The Elements of NT Greek/ (3rd ed
 1923) here. Moulton does have short sections on both Comparatives and
 Superlatives: see his Index II. Nunn also has paragraphs on /The Comparison
 of Adjectives/ (pp 83f) and /The Superlative/ (p 84).


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