What to Read Next?

From: vince-s@juno.com
Date: Thu Oct 08 1998 - 22:18:57 EDT

Having read Carson's "Exegetical Fallacies" -and taken its admonitions to
heart-, I have been trying to determine how to perform a proper 'Word
Strudy'. I am somewhat uncomfortable with the term, being that many word
study methods have propagated various errors. I continue my reading with
Louw's "Semantics...", but its emphasis is similar to Carson's, and I
don't feel that I'm gaining a method for approaching the text at the word

Maybe the most sound method is just to use a lexicon! Any advice on
where to turn would be appreciated.

My second concern involves Genre. Both Porter's "Handbook to
Exegesis..." and Guthrie/Duvall's "Biblical Greek Exegesis" make the
claim that understanding Genre is imperative to proper exegesis; however,
neither book specifies exactly HOW genre should guide exegesis. Is there
a handbook out there that clearly spells out the proper
considerations/guidelines of each genre for interpretation?

Vince Setterholm

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