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Date: Fri Oct 09 1998 - 08:05:14 EDT

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<excerpt>Thank you! I see from your explanation that it is possible
for (some) verbs in the middle voice to be transitive. I had thought,
mistakenly, that such verbs were always intransitive. The question of
deponent vs. non-deponent comes to mind here, also. From what you have
said, I infer that Luke used EUAGGELIZOMAI in the same sense as another
might use EUAGGELIZW, that is, as a deponent verb. Now my question is
Do non-deponent verbs in the middle voice take objects in the
accusative case?


Yes. The usage of EUAGGELIZOMAI does seem a bit extraordinary, since
it can take, as in this instance, an accusative of the group
evangelized, but often takes an accusative like LOGON and means more
simply "preach."

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