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From: Ed Gorham (
Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 - 14:42:55 EDT

Val -
Congratulations! You'll get a lifetime of rewards learning this rich and
wonderful language!
It can be a daunting thing to take up on your own, but there is help.
Jonathan Robie's website is excellent (at the moment I can't recall his web
address, but it appears regularly here in the digest). A good friend of
mine who learned on his own did exceptionally well with at-home courses
provided by Moody Bible Institute. They involved textbooks, conversations
with the professors and a proctored final exam at each level. He's been
through a few of their courses, and along with supplemental reading and
working on his own, has achieved what is easily a graduate-level education
at this point.
There are a variety of good introductory textbooks out there - having cut
my teeth only on Machen's I'll let others comment on the ones they've found
most helpful.
Starting out, the trick is not to become discouraged (because you cannot do
much translation at first). Use people who you know at home, folks you can
call/e-mail, and of course the B-Greekers to keep you encouraged. Progress
will be achieved slowly but steadily, and the rewards will be fantastic.
Stay with it and you'll be blessed.


-Ed Gorham

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