Re: Southern Translation

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Wed Oct 14 1998 - 22:53:34 EDT

At 08:57 PM 10/14/98 -0400, Sherrie Sanders wrote:

>Never in my life had I heard it used that way
>until last week when I was greeting my students as they came to school. The
>father of one little boy told me as he was leaving (I was the only one
>around, mind you), "Y'all have a good day." I immediately thought how odd
>that was and began to analyze whether he may have intended the comment to be
>for only me, or for the staff in general. Hmmm....still I ponder....

That's the Royal Plural, commonly used to address kings, queens, and school
teachers in private schools. You should try responding accordingly: "we
hope thou hast also a good day".

Jonathan Robie

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