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From: Mark QL Louderback (
Date: Fri Oct 09 1998 - 16:16:32 EDT

I enjoyed this letter from the journal First Things immensely:

Frederica Mathewes-Green ("Go Ahead, Offend Me," May)
observes, "The original languages of the Bible..use different terms
for singular and plural 'you,' yet even the most emphatic proponents
of literal translation aren't insisting we go back to 'thee' and 'thou.'"

What's wrong with "you" and "you all"? They were alive in 1611, and
when I last checked they were still kicking. Perhaps the problem isn't
that "archaic, discarded terms can't be resurrected, even if they're
precise," but simply that not enough of the translators are from the

J. Budziszewski, Dep of Gov & Phil, UT-Austin

I present this, not to start a debate over whether the KJV should be
discarded or any such thing like that. But be honest: how many of
you instructors teach you (s) and y'all (pl)? Hmmm? As America
becomes more and more Southern, I look forward to seeing future
Greek Grammar's...and what they use for 2nd person plural forms.

Y'all take care!

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