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Date: Thu Oct 15 1998 - 14:01:58 EDT

On 14 Oct 98 at 0:47, Ed Gorham wrote:

> Also, regarding Greek fonts...I haven't downloaded any yet, primarily
> because I am assuming that some are more mailable/transferrable than
> others. Is this a false assumption, i.e. would the Greek font I download be
> received well by someone else with a different one? If not, are certain fonts
> more widely used than others?

Usually the one receiving the document will need the document's specific Greek
font in order to read the Greek in it, e.g. if you use SGreek font for Greek,
the one reading the document will need that one too. However, it seems that
some word processors will do their best on fonts that they don't have. For
example recently I converted a document using "Scripture" fonts even though I
did not have "Scripture" fonts. Both Word 97 and Lotus WordPro seemed to be
able to recognise most of the letters and convert them.

I must admit that my preference is to use one of the many free Greek fonts
available on the internet (several listed on my page at
( This menas that if
someone is giving you a document and you do not have the relevant font, you can
download it quickly and easily from the internet. And although some disagree
with me, I am a great advocate of SPIonic because this is a public domain font,
the free downloading of which is very much encouraged. Several web pages are
now written using it, and it is quite user-friendly for word-processing too.

On the issue of free fonts, note also two good new ones -- one from SIL (Summer
Institute of Linguistics) and another from Paradigm Software. Mounce's font is
back now too -- it had been away for a while. Addresses on my page.

Just some of my thoughts on the matter. See too Jonathan's useful guide on
Greek fonts on his page.

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