Etymology of QEOS

From: Jon Robertson (
Date: Thu Oct 15 1998 - 05:16:05 EDT

Hi list!
Just a quick (somewhat off-topic) question. I have been reading
Stephen Charnock's Existence and Attributes of God and there he
asserts (in discourse VIII, "On God's Knowledge") that QEOS is
derived from QEISQAI, "to see" or "to contemplate". Also, he says
that DAIMWN comes from DAIW and relates that to the latin SCIO. I
don't think I've ever heard this, what do "los eruditos" of the list
think on this? Charnock's erudition was at times astonishing, but I
would like to know if he's off the track here. Unless you believe
this impinges on the meaning of some text of NT, it would probably be
an "off-list" sorta thang.

Jon Robertson

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