Simple Question - Viewing in Microsoft Word

From: Jeremy N. Cowgar (
Date: Thu Oct 15 1998 - 16:09:28 EDT

I have just started in learning Greek and have got to the point I want to
look at the New Testment. I have downloaded, and the SGreek font,
as well as WinGreek, and the Mounce fonts.

I have had the most luck with SGreek, however in the word beginning, arxh,
the eta is not coming our correctly accented. It comes out with the eta,
then the mark on top (forgive me, I am still very basic in the Greek
language) but now mark in the lower left corner of the eta character. After
the word is the tilde "|" symbol. The word is coded like A)RXH=| in all
caps. I have found that if I convert the text to lower case, it looks like
the examples provided in the Little Greek tutorial. I have also found that
if I recode the word to look like this: a)rx$= then it looks perfect
however some other letters are using the tilde "|" symbol, and I am not
sure of the results if I were to simply do a search/replace on h=| to $=,
nor am I sure if that's a correct fix, or if it should be a fix at all.

Also, on the Little Greek tutorial, the beginning of John 1:1 starts with a
capital letter, and the SGreek font does not show a capital correctly with
the accent mark.

I would really appriciate some help if anyone knows the problem or how to
correct it. Thank you very much, and God Bless,

Jeremy Cowgar -
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