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From: Mark Goodacre (
Date: Tue Oct 20 1998 - 12:42:25 EDT

Jeremy Cowgar wrote:

> I have just started in learning Greek and have got to the point I want to
> look at the New Testment. I have downloaded, and the SGreek font,
> as well as WinGreek, and the Mounce fonts.

> I have had the most luck with SGreek, however in the word beginning, arxh,
> the eta is not coming our correctly accented. It comes out with the eta,
> then the mark on top (forgive me, I am still very basic in the Greek
> language) but now mark in the lower left corner of the eta character.
> I would really appriciate some help if anyone knows the problem or how to
> correct it. Thank you very much, and God Bless,

Since no-one else has had a bash at this question, let me share my own
experience with the same NA26 file. I found the same problems converting it to
SGreek, and worse problems with Mounce and several others. The best one for
converting it is SPIonic. I recommend that you do the following:

(1) Change case from Upper Case to Lower Case throughout.

(2) Search and replace: (a) s space to j space
                                (b) s, to j,
                                (c) s. to j.
                                (d) )= to ]
                                (e) (= to [

There may be others that I have not spotted -- but those five things should
pretty well do the trick.

(3) Convert all to SPIonic.

You should then have a nice version of NA26 available to read in accented Greek
text, iota subscripts and all. The problem I have still not overcome is how to
convert the book and verse numbering quickly back to English. Any suggestions?

While we are on the topic, does anyone know what the copyright situation is
with that NA26 text?

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