Re: Books

Date: Tue Oct 20 1998 - 20:05:19 EDT

Colleagues, and Carl:

I barely have time to read my b-greek e-mail these days, and only about
every other day. But Carl Conrad is so knowledgeable about so many
things that when he nods (like Homer?), I can't resist!

He writes:

>What Shakespeare is reported to have said actually was that he had "a
>little Greek and less Latin." At least, that's how I remmeber it.

WS may have actually said that. But (I work from memory, and shudder
lest I too remember it badly), in his epitaph to Shakespeare after his
death, Ben Jonson wrote that WS "had small Latin and less Greek."

I'll look it up tomorrow when I have access to books; but if you don't get
a retraction from me, this is what Ben Jonson wrote.

Edward Hobs

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