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>>Greetings Grecians;
>>Can anyone share with me information on Ceslas Spicq and his lexiconary
>>I would appreciate any insight.
>It is more along the lines of a series of word studies concerned with the
>more "important" words than a lexicon per se. It is sort of akin to the
>TDNT, but much shorter (3 vols). I personally like it very much because he
>makes incredible use of a wide range of documents in his drive to explicate
>various words.

Thanks for that recommendation -- I see, from my search on the
web site, that it is on offer there at 30% off list price.

I notice it runs to 1500 pages -- quite a door-stopper <g>

My search on "theological lexicon" also turned up a book which was
published in 1977 and is now out of print.

It is: Biblico-Theological Lexicon of New Testament Greek
                 by Hermann Cremer

Anyone know anything about this title?

Just before hitting the SEND key, I did a quick check on the MX Bookfinder
search engine, which threw up one copy of the original German edition
which had this intriguing note:

                                Gotha, Friederich
                                Anbreas Berthes, 1866.
                                1st. hblf leather. foxed,
                                spine tip chipped, boards
                                rubbed, owner's insc. &
                                stamp. neither the
                                National Union or British
                                Museum catalogs
                                contains this edition, they
                                do, however, list a 1872
                                English translation.
                                Inscribed on endpaper
                                from M.G. Easton to Rev.
                                A.B. Cameron (dated
                                1873). Matthew George
                                Easton (1823-1894) was
                                a biblical scholar &
                                author of THE
                                ILLUSTRATED BIBLE
                                DICTIONARY &
                                TREASURY OF
                                BIBLICAL HISTORY
                                (1893), among other

So perhaps the 1977 English edition was a reprint of the above?

Despite its age ( and aware of C.S. Lewis' warning on 'chronological
snobbery' <g> ) can anyone assess its value?



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