Re: LOGOS in John and SOPHIA in Proverbs

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Thu Oct 29 1998 - 07:03:21 EST

At 6:25 AM -0600 10/29/98, Ed Gorham wrote:
>Carl and other Greekers,
>I'm wondering if we can't cut our "noname" brother a little slack here. If
>indeed he needs anonymity to protect his well-being, I'd suggest that this
>concern outdistances "netiquette" by several light years. We don't have
>first-hand experience (most of us, at least) with the conditions he is
>living under due to his political involvement. It seems to me that we are
>in danger of putting the letter of the law above all else here. Frankly,
>I'd be sorely dissapointed in us if we got hung up on this when his
>circumstances seem to warrant a little more grace.
>How do you all feel about a pseudonym? Your thoughts are welcome.

I'm content with this after private e-mail. I've suggested that I like the
palindromic "Nameno Oneman" better than "Nameno Noname"--perhaps because
it's a bit more mysterious, like the OU TIS of Odysseus.

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