Re: LOGOS in John and SOPHIA in Proverbs

From: Ed Gorham (
Date: Thu Oct 29 1998 - 06:25:38 EST

Carl and other Greekers,
I'm wondering if we can't cut our "noname" brother a little slack here. If
indeed he needs anonymity to protect his well-being, I'd suggest that this
concern outdistances "netiquette" by several light years. We don't have
first-hand experience (most of us, at least) with the conditions he is
living under due to his political involvement. It seems to me that we are
in danger of putting the letter of the law above all else here. Frankly,
I'd be sorely dissapointed in us if we got hung up on this when his
circumstances seem to warrant a little more grace.
How do you all feel about a pseudonym? Your thoughts are welcome.
-Ed Gorham

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