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From: Marius Cruceru (
Date: Mon Oct 26 1998 - 13:08:04 EST

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<DIV>Dear List,<BR><BR>Can someone help me to find something about Jerome's
translation of aorist<BR>tense in Latin? I am referring at papers, dissertations
or other materials.<BR><BR>I suppose that is a lot of material about
Jerome's&nbsp; phenomenal intuition in<BR>the process of translating Bible in
Latin.<BR><BR>Thank you in advance<BR><BR>Rev. Marius David Cruceru<BR>Emanuel
Bible Institute in Oradea<BR>40 59 145144 (Home)<BR>40 59 410444 (0ffice
EBIO)<BR>40 94 214626 (Mobile EBIO)<BR>Str. Olimpiadei 7B, Bl. C7B,<BR>Et. 7,
ap. 33, 3700,<BR>Oradea, Romania<BR>E-mail: <A


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