Kissing girlfriends on phone

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Date: Fri Nov 06 1998 - 11:44:40 EST

Fellow Greekers ~

I know that the message title does not seem to be greatly related to
b-greek, and I would not have used it had I been able to resist... :-)
Perhaps a better title might have been 'Grass Roots Greek Readers of the
New Testament."

>From an article in our little daily paper out of Ellensburg, WA titled
"Teacher finds Bible takes on new dimension in Greek" [11/2/98]:

"A guy once said reading the Bible in translation is like kissing your
girlfriend over the telephone. That may be OK in a pinch, but there is
a whole better way to do it." And the article goes on to talk about a
retired pastor teaching non-accredited Greek and Hebrew at a community
colleged for Bible reading in the tri-cities area. Apparently, a lot of
folks are showing up.

The other quotation that's got some stickum to it is: "Two things
happen in translation. Something in the original text gets lost, and
something not in the original gets added."

So I pass this along...


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