Re: Kissing girlfriends on phone

From: Nichael Lynn Cramer (
Date: Fri Nov 06 1998 - 11:31:38 EST

LisaM/GeorgeB wrote:

>"A guy once said reading the Bible in translation is like kissing your
>girlfriend over the telephone. That may be OK in a pinch, but there is
>a whole better way to do it." And the article goes on to talk about a
>retired pastor teaching non-accredited Greek and Hebrew at a community
>colleged for Bible reading in the tri-cities area. Apparently, a lot of
>folks are showing up.

On the other hand, back home, when I was a kid, there was a story that one
of the nearby churches was looking for a new minister, so they sent a
message back up the appropriate hierarchy that they should be sent a new one.

They only had two requirements: That the new minister should 1] have never
had a Greek class and 2] should never have taken a trip to the Holy Land,
because the previous minister had done both of these things, and all he did
was talk about this stuff!

My best example was the youth minister at our church. He was a pretty cool
guy and all of the kids loved him. And I'm pretty sure he had had some
Greek (probably a semester or two). But one time, in high school, I had
read an article about the Synoptics Saying Source. and I asked him what he
thought about Q and all that.

>From his response it was clear that it wasn't the case that he simply
disagreed with or dismissed the notion, rather that he quite plainly had
never heard of it (at the time this was somewhat less disconcerting than I
find it today.)

In short, I'm glad that the pastor in your article is doing that work. But
--while it may be a bit of a caricature-- it's not too far off the mark to
point out that a lot of people really do figure that if King James English
was good enough for Jesus it is good enough for them.

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