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> ...ALLWi ...hETERWi ....ALLWi ....ALLWi ....ALLWi ....ALLWi
> ...hETERWi ....ALLWi
> Anyone out there brave enough to speculate on this and it significance?
> What would the purpose be in using the different synonyms, if not for
> style?

 The celebrated Pauline sentence using hETEROS and ALLOS together is found
 in Galatians 1:6-7 ...EIS hETERON EUAGGELION, hO OUK ESTIN ALLO, ...: a
 different Gospel which is not the same.

 Strong writes "ALLOS as compared with hETEROS denotes numerical, in
 distinction from qualitative, differences. ALLOS adds ('one besides');
 hETEROS distinguishes ('one of two'). Every hETEROS is an ALLOS, but not
 every ALLOS is a hETEROS. ALLOS generally denotes simple distinctions of
 individuals; hETEROS involves the secondary idea of difference of kind."

 Trench, /Synonymns of the NT/, writes four pages on ALLOS, hETEROS (para
 xcv beginning on page 357 in my copy): too long to quote here.

 Charles Hodge writes "There is a distinction indicated in the Greek which
 is not expressed in our version. The main divisions in this enumeration
 seem to be indicated by hETEROS, and the subordinate ones by ALLOS, though
 both words are translated by /another/; the former, however, is a stronger
 exoression of difference. Here, therefore, where hETERWi is used, a new
 class seems to be introduced. To the first class belong the word of wisdom
 and the word of knowledge; to the second, all that follow except the last
 two." (/The 1st Epistle to the Corinthians/, Banner of Truth, reprint 1959,
 page 246).

 J Bengel writes "hWi . hETERWi . hETERWi, to one, to another, to another)
 Three Genera: comp ch 13:8, and among these the expression, /to another/,
 denotes many Species, each under its own Genus. So also 15:39, 40, 41.
 ALLOS in turn is used for distinguishing the Species; hETEROS, the Genera.
 By a change, ALLOS is used to distinguish genera, hETEROS species:
 Hebrews 11:35" (/Gnomon novi testamenti/, E.T., Edinburgh, 1859, p 294).

 Speculation concerning the theology of this is outside the scope of b-greek
 so I will duck...



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