Fw: 1 Cor 12:1-11

From: Paul F. Evans (evans@wilmington.net)
Date: Thu Nov 05 1998 - 08:13:46 EST


I apologize. This message was sent to you personally and not the list as I
intended. I simply didn't check my "To:" box carefully enough.

Paul & Loala Evans
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>I suppose I expected you to read my mind.
>>If you mean an order in
>>the usage of hETERWi and ALLWi, I'm not really convinced that there is
>This is precisely the "symmetry" I thought (not sure now) I saw. Paul
>writes with such organization. Most of Paul's letters are probably ad hoc
>responses to situations and questions raised by different churces.
>his thoughts are presented in such logical structures, that the way he
>thinks is reflected in the very structure of a given paragraph: For
>instance, the twofold OUDEIS followed by the EN PNEUMATI QEOU and hAGIWi,
>the three-fold DIAIRESEIS, then this highly structured list with precisely
>similar phrasing for each gift, all incorporating the ALLWi or hETERWi DE +
>GIFT. It is remarkably balanced. Much of Paul's writing seems to be
>way. When you diagram his sentences and paragraphs you see elements lining
>up over long stretches of involved argumentation. I simply wondered if
>is a typical "Greek" literary trait? Does most Greek literature follow
>kind of careful structuring? If not should we be aware of something
>typically Pauline and therefore significant? There are those on the list
>much more able to make this judgment than I am.
>>And personally I've always thought that the CARISMATA being described by
>>Paul are presented in a hierarchical order of relative importance, even
>>though he insists that each has a distinct importance.
>As it is, I rather thought that this list was rather ad hoc and not an
>exaustive list, with tongues left until last because this was the problem
>gift in Corinth. Anyhow, Paul wrote in the white heat of passion at what
>saw developing in the church, yet his letter is like an intricate jig-saw.
>It is quite remarkable.
>However, if there is no "symmetry" (and I am beginning to feel stupid about
>this thing now), then can anyone on the list hazard a guess why the
>interchange of synonyms ALLWi AND hETERWi? Would the placement of each
>it occurs be deliberate and why? If I understand, Carl, you are voting for
>there being not much significance at all because by the time of the NT the
>distinction between the synonyms is only slight. If that is the case then
>am still struck by the way Paul carefully structures his list so as the
>elements are balanced.
>Paul & Loala Evans
>Wilmington First Pentecostal Holiness Church
>E-mail: evans@wilmington.net
>Web-page: http://wilmingtonfirst.churches.wilmington.org/

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