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Date: Fri Nov 06 1998 - 18:40:44 EST

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>Chiasm appears to be a rhetorical device which is alien to our modern
>rhetoric. As an attorney, i.e. a professional rhetorician and sophist, the
>most basic rules of imparting information to be remembered by hearers are the
>rule of primacy and the rule of recency. A modern speaker would probably not
>be able to rely on chiasmic structure to effectively influence an audience. I
>would be interested to find if any religious practitioners use chiasm in

See my "Chiasm in English" post for several everyday modern examples of
chiasm. I suspect that most people who use chiasm in modern English do not
use it consciously, but it does seem to erupt on everyday language without
being taught.

I think that people can sense the rhetorical force of chiastic structure
without knowing the name, and without knowing Greek. Try this one, for
"When God gives us a life that defies explanation, we seek answers; yet
answers are not found in explanations, but in the life that is given by God."

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