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Date: Mon Nov 09 1998 - 09:46:45 EST

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<< Since the Jews call Yahweh: b»kowrow (heb 1060) shel (heb 7945) `owlaam
 5769), the first-born of all the world, or of all the creation, to signify
his having
 created or produced all things; (see Wolfius in loc.) so Christ is here
termed, and
 the words which follow in the 16th and 17th verses are the proof of this. >>

The only Jews to call Jehovah "Firstborn" were 14th centruy users of the
Cabala. This is hardly an acceptable source to use in interpreting a first
century use of the term.

Also, as was mentioned before, verses 16-19 support the temporal view.

Greg Stafford

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