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> << Since the Jews call Yahweh: bkowrow (heb 1060) shel (heb 7945) `owlaam
> (heb
> 5769), the first-born of all the world, or of all the creation, to signify
> his having
> created or produced all things; (see Wolfius in loc.) so Christ is here
> termed, and
> the words which follow in the 16th and 17th verses are the proof of this. >>
> The only Jews to call Jehovah "Firstborn" were 14th centruy users of the
> Cabala. This is hardly an acceptable source to use in interpreting a first
> century use of the term.
> Also, as was mentioned before, verses 16-19 support the temporal view.
> Tom's note

I do not wether or not Wolfius refers to 14 century cabalistic jews (perhaps
someone can confirm the usuage) but I found a similar type reference in F.F.
Bruce's commentary on colossians in the N.I.C.N.T. series. He quotes second
century rabbi Eleazar ben Rabbi Simeon as using the phrase

                                    "qadmono sel olam (first of the world)"

in reference to God (genr 38.7 on gen 11:2) pg 59 footnote 90 nicnt

in Christ

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