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Date: Sat Nov 14 1998 - 06:05:25 EST

The IOUDAIOS list has just posted a notice concerning:

Social-Science Commentary on the Gospel of John.
        Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1998. 336pp. $19.00
        (ISBN: 0-8006-2992-2)

There is a link to:

where there are several articles which I am sure will be of interest to

Malina, Bruce J.

    "The Gospel of John in Sociolinguistic Perspective." Protocol of the 48th
    Colloquy, March 1984. Berkeley:Center for Hermeneutical Studies, 1985.

                          Malina, Bruce J.

    "John's: The Maverick Christian Group: The Evidence of Sociolinguistics"
               Biblical Theology Bulletin 24: (1994): 167-82.

                        Rohrbaugh, Richard L.

       "The Gospel of John in the Twenty-First Century" In Readers and
     Readings of the Fourth Gospel. Fernando Segovia, ed. SBL Symposium
        Series. Atlanta: Scholars Press (forthcoming November, 1998).



Maurice A. O'Sullivan

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