Re: Hillel Quote

From: Jonathan Ryder (
Date: Mon Nov 09 1998 - 05:25:47 EST wrote:

> Greekers, Denny Diehl here
> I'm in need of a quote (I think from Hillel)
> and its source. The quote goes something like:
> Put a fence around the Torah...
> Thank you

I see others have pointed you to Aboth 1:1 (p446 in Danby's ET of 'Mishnah'). See
also: Aboth 3:14 (p452), and Sifre Deut 16 on 1:16 (p25) and Sifre Num 78 on 10:29
(p74) - references from Przybylski 'Righteousness in Matthew and His World of
Thought' p81 n47)

Jonathan Ryder



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