Re: Re. 2 Cor 4:15 and seemingly impossible constructions!

From: Paul F. Evans (
Date: Wed Nov 25 1998 - 15:38:36 EST


Yes that really helps. I was having the most difficulty with the DIA TWN
PLEIONWN THN EUCARISTIAN, I thought the DIA was taking the genitive TWN
PLEIONWN, and not the accusative THN EUCARISTIAN. My mind could grapple
with the incongruous concepts I was trying fit together.

>In particular:
>PERISSEUHi is subjunctive because this is a purpose clause introduced by
>hINA: "Everything (is) for your sakes, SO THAT grace MAY ABOUND ...
>hH CARIS is indeed the subject of PERISSEUHi
>PLEONASASA is an aorist participle, fem. nom. sg. construing with hH CARIS;
>here its sense is something like "having increased" or "having grown even
>DIA THN EUCARISTIAN could construe either with PLEONASASA or with
>PERISSEUHi, but it doesn't really make that much difference to the meaning
>since both the participle and the subjunctive main verb express much the
>same idea of abounding/multiplying; TWN PLEIONWN is genitive plural and,
>I'd say, substantival, so that we understand it as "of many persons." The
>phrase therefore is something like "because of the thanksgiving of many

I really must learn to be more organized with my approach and break things
down the way you have here, asking the appropriate questions. I guess
experience and and practice are the key.

Paul & Loala Evans
Wilmington First Pentecostal Holiness Church

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