Clambake at SBL

Date: Wed Nov 25 1998 - 15:43:48 EST

Colleagues all:

The annual SBL and AAR convention proved to be a gathering for quite a
few B-Greekers.

Between our Saturday midday "hobnobbing session" at the GramCord booth
and our Sunday early-morning gathering, a goodly number of us managed to
meet each other face-to-face (rather than in a monitor darkly), some for
the second year in a row.

Sunday morning's gathering was somewhat depleted by conflicts in schedule
after all; but it included at least:

Randal Buth
Stephen Carlson
Norman Hutchinson
Andrew Porter
Ben Raymond
Chris Stanley
Carlton Winbery
Edward Hobbs
(plus one other, I think; but I can't recall who, sorry)

Saturday's gathering at GramCord included also:

AKM Adam
Jeffrey Gibson
Mark Goodacre
Edgar Krentz
Micheal Palmer
Perry Stepp
--and, of course, Paul Miller and Dale Wheeler

And, either there or elsewhere:

James Ernest (who was at Hendrickson's large exhibition)
Mike Holmes
Bill Warren

I managed to hear two B-Greekers read excellent papers:

Mark Goodacre (whose paper met with truly sustained applause, and whose
  concluding "we might dispense with Q" was heard by Jim Robinson, who
  was sitting on the floor in the back!)
Jeffrey Gibson (whose paper followed Jim's Robinson's in the Q-section;
  Jim left before Jeffrey spoke, to hear his wife Gesine read her own paper
  next door; Jeffrey's periodic allusions to "S. Holmes" were delightful)

I know there must have been others at the meeting, but finding them among
7,000 SBL-ers present was difficult.

Next year the sessions will be in Boston; we'll have to find a way to do
something REALLY special!

Edward Hobbs

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