Re: Newsgroups for forbidden topics?

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Wed Nov 25 1998 - 13:56:18 EST

On 11/25/98, "CRAIG R HARMON" <> wrote:
> Dear b-greekers,
> Given that certain topics are deemed (and rightly so) unacceptable on
> b-greek--the theological implications of the various possible meanings of
> the Greek text, for example, or hermeneutics and homiletics--are there
> forums where such topics are not only not forbidden but are the reason for
> being of the group?
I have considered starting a group for this (perhaps with the name
"", so we could banish discussions to
the eternal flames). However, I would want to have chairs for such a group
- without it, I'm afraid that discussion would degrade rapidly.


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