Re: Newsgroups for forbidden topics?

From: Nichael Lynn Cramer (
Date: Thu Nov 26 1998 - 10:41:29 EST

"CRAIG R HARMON" <> wrote:
>> Dear b-greekers,
>> Given that certain topics are deemed (and rightly so) unacceptable on
>> b-greek--the theological implications of the various possible meanings of
>> the Greek text, for example, or hermeneutics and homiletics--are there
>> forums where such topics are not only not forbidden but are the reason for
>> being of the group?

In short, there are literally *dozens* of such groups out there. (Two
obvious places to start looking are the soc.religion and talk.religion
usenet hierarchies.)

The unusual (and rare) aspect of B-Greek (and a [very] small handful other
like-minded lists) is that it attempts to keep the discussion focused on a
scholarly approach to these issues.

An issue that often comes up (an I'm not suggesting that Craig is
attempting to do this) is the accusation that by attempting to keep such
discussion tightly (or not so tightly ;-) focused that certain topics are
being censored or suppressed. This could hardly be farther from the truth.

Those who seek full blown theological --of whatever stripe-- discussion,
need only look around to find as much discussion of these topics as anyone
could possibly ever want. The only request here is that this group be
allowed, in its own (tiny) corner of the world, to try something a little

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