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Date: Fri Nov 27 1998 - 14:10:11 EST

I am aware that the current discussion of Greek search tools does not
directly relate to the focused understanding of a verse itself, but since a
programming tool can be so helpful to accomplish that end, I will be brief

Dale's errata gave me the incentive to post errata of my own. The Bibleworks
syntax for Colwell constructions is:
;!*dn* *3 *@nn* *3 EIMI@*

Translate: Give me all nominative nouns not having a definite article in
front of it within three words followed by any form of EIMI within three
The search in the book of John took 2 seconds on a Pentium 90 machine.

The good part about the above syntax is that I do not memorize these tags
but instead use a (intuitive) "morphological assistant" to construct the
tags. Bibleworks 4.0 contains a GUI interface to construct searches, which I
think is a big improvement over the earlier Bibleworks. But alas, on the
down side it does not distinguish between a subject noun and a predicate
noun, so I have to refine the list visually.

As an aside, although I have been a Bibleworks beta tester for several
years, I am not partisan in my approach to Gramcord/ Bibleworks. Both tools
have their individual strengths and some researchers use both programs to
accomplish their ends. I have never seen a [needed] independent review
recommending "if you want X then use Bibleworks, but if you want Y then use
Gramcord," where (X,Y can be search speed, complex searching, morphological
searching, syntactical searching, etc). Or, "Product A will give you 98% of
both products but if you want this 2% X kind of thing, then you will want
product B." Perhaps someone who uses both products or independent reviewers
can construct an online review of each product's strength and keep it
current so that we can refer b-greek inquirers to it. Harry Hahne's fine
review is out-of-date, being several years old.

Bibleworks 4.0 is scheduled for release in January.

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Wes Williams

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