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From: Dale M. Wheeler (
Date: Fri Nov 27 1998 - 09:29:58 EST

Gerald E. Lincoln wrote:

>On Wed, 25 Nov 1998 07:19:30 -0800 "Dale M. Wheeler"
><> writes:
> I can't send you any "string/boolean" or any other such
>>programmer-eze, since GRAMCORD has never used that type of approach
>>to searching...we use a simple template in which you choose multiple
>>elements in columns from pull down lists and check boxes.
>Dale's statement that GRAMCORD has "never" used that approach is
>historically inaccurate. In its pre-MS-DOS and early DOS forms it did
>require learning a "programming language." Their introduction of the
>template in the late 1980's made GRAMCORD much easier to use although not
>all of the available commands were implemented at that time.
>A question for Dale (or Paul) is how many of the other commands have been
>added to the Windows versions? The commands (e.g. -SPECWORD, -SPECDATA,
>complicated and precise searching.


Well, of course, you're correct that almost 20 years ago one had to
create command files for GRAMCORD, but it has been almost 10 years
(or maybe more) since that was necessary. You'll have to excuse my
lapse in memory on this, since I've never personally written a
GRAMCORD command file myself; I started with the Template.

The first template, designed by Paul Miller in DOS for
searching in GRAMCORD did omit a few commands, but the vast majority
of them were there. The current GRAMCORD template, which has been
in existence for Windows for about five years or more, has all of
the original commands, plus several more that users requested over
the years. The one's you list above were partially implented in
the DOS template, but are fully implemented in the Windows Template.
The same Template search approach is used in the Windows version
for Hebrew and the LXX, and a similar approach, though using drag
and drop rather than pulldown lists/check boxes, is used in
Accordance/GRAMCORD for the Mac.

BTW, on the Colwell construction, I omitted two other things that
must be true for the search to work: (1) the verb lemma must be
restricted to equative verbs (EIMI, GINOMAI, UPARXW, ?), and (2)
the nouns must be both in the nominative case.


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