Re: PROS [ton qeon]

From: George Blaisdell (
Date: Thu Feb 04 1999 - 09:51:03 EST

>George: Before you allow that untrammeled imagination to leap into the
>with your readiness to equate all the instances of morphologically
>functioning -S-, you had better consider a few more:

>I am sure that you'll master the data and ultimately discover some
>applicability of a universal sign of something in all these instances
>Sigma functioning in Greek morphology; I'm just curious as to what it
>turn out to be.

Me too!

I just have this nagging little back burner idea that each letter of the
Greek alphabet had some kind of original meaning in the way-back of the
origin of the language, and that it might be sniffable.

Theta, for instance, seems to connect with the middle and passive verb
forms, and to horizontality. Sigma with potentiality/future. Alpha is
often privative, and who knows what all else.

So I sniff a little ~


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