Re: PROS [ton qeon]

From: George Blaisdell (
Date: Mon Feb 01 1999 - 12:03:46 EST

>From: Edgar Krentz

>The four Stoic categories for logical analysis and description
>included two:


>These are first the category of relationship and then of disposition
>in the relationship. Neither indicates movement!

Edgar ~

Can we then say that the [or 'a'] fundamental meaning of PROS might be
"In relationship to", with the focus being on direction [or perhaps
orientation?], that may or may not entail movement [according to the
kind of verb involved]?

Our prayers, for instance, are PROS TON QEON [I would hope!!], and when
we are praying, are we then 'being' PROS TON QEON? As well, to avoid
theology here, when we direct our thoughts toward, say, balloons, are
we then 'being' toward those balloons? Does the action create the state
of being? And are the two so easily separable? Does the state of being
imply the action?

Grammatically, we separate verbs that denote actions from those that
denote states, and then draw a distinction between the meaning of PROS
when used with one or the other.

Yet in Greek, the single word is PROS.

Hence the puzzle...


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