Re: John 6:10

Date: Thu Feb 04 1999 - 19:01:32 EST

Greekers, Denny Diehl here

Edward stated:

>May I chime in to support Carl's "hesitant suggestion" about
>ANHR in the Feeding of the 5000 accounts, that ANHR can
>be used in a non-gender-specific sense.

I've also wondered about PATHR being used in a "non-gender-
specific" sense. E.g., in Heb 11:23

        "By faith Moses, when he was born, was hidden for
        three months by his parents ( PATERWN )..."

One would think PATER would be "father", but in regard to
Ex 2:2-3 Moses' mother

        "hid him for three months. But when she could hide
        him no longer, she got a wicker basket ... then she
        put the child into it..."

What do you think? Are there other examples?

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