John 6:10

From: Ray Clendenen (
Date: Thu Feb 04 1999 - 13:57:30 EST

Ray Clendenen@BSSBNOTES
02/04/99 12:57 PM

I need some help with John 6:10. Almost every translation I own takes
andres as the subject of anepesan, 'sat down'. But since it is unlikely
that only the men sat down and since the point of andres seems to be that
there were 5000 men there (besides women & children as Mt 14:21 adds), I
would prefer to translate "There was plenty of grass in the place, so they
sat down, the men numbering about 5000." I note that Father Brown (AB)
translates "Now the men numbered about 5000, but there was plenty of grass
there for them to find a seat." A little loose, but the semantics are
similar to mine. Could I get some feedback? Thanks.
Ray Clendenen
Broadman & Holman

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