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>>I need some help with John 6:10. Almost every translation I own takes
>>andres as the subject of anepesan, 'sat down'. But since it is unlikely
>>that only the men sat down and since the point of andres seems to be that
>>there were 5000 men there (besides women & children as Mt 14:21 adds), I
>>would prefer to translate "There was plenty of grass in the place, so they
>>sat down, the men numbering about 5000." I note that Father Brown (AB)
>>translates "Now the men numbered about 5000, but there was plenty of grass
>>there for them to find a seat." A little loose, but the semantics are
>>similar to mine. Could I get some feedback? Thanks.
>>Ray Clendenen
>The first part of the verse may help--- "Jesus said- make the men sit down-
>for there was grass aplenty there- The number of men sitting down was around

In the first part of the verse, the word is anthrwpous, which is the
plural almost always means "people" not "men" as in specifically male
human beings. In the second part of the verse, the word is hoi andres
and does mean "men" as in specifically male human beings. I think a
better translation might be:

        Jesus said, "Make the people sit down. But there was grass
        in that place, so they sat down, the men being about five
        thousand in number.

The implication is that among all the people present were about 5000
men. This isn't counting the other people present who were no doubt
women and children.


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