Re: ALEIYANTES in Jam 5:14

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Tue Feb 09 1999 - 06:24:48 EST

At 8:51 PM -0700 2/8/99, Francisco Orozco wrote:
> What class of participle is ALEIYANTES in Jam 5:14, is it
>circumstancial? How is it related to the imperative in the text (pray)?

Class? Not sure what you mean by that. Let's call it '99 this year! It's m.
nom. pl. aorist active of ALEIFW, and yes: it is circumstantial, indicating
what the elders should do to accompany their prayer when they respond to
the summons of the person who is ill. Here both PROSEUXASQWSAN and
ALEIYANTES are aorist; more often than not, one tends to understand the
aorist participle of an action preceding that of the main verb: "after
anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord, let them pray over him ..."

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