Re: ALEIYANTES in Jam 5:14

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Tue Feb 09 1999 - 11:41:27 EST

At 8:19 AM -0700 2/9/99, Francisco Orozco wrote:
>Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>>> What class of participle is ALEIYANTES in Jam 5:14, is it
>>>circumstancial? How is it related to the imperative in the text (pray)?
>>Class? Not sure what you mean by that. Let's call it '99 this year! It's m.
>>nom. pl. aorist active of ALEIFW, and yes: it is circumstantial, indicating
>>what the elders should do to accompany their prayer when they respond to
>>the summons of the person who is ill. Here both PROSEUXASQWSAN and
>>ALEIYANTES are aorist; more often than not, one tends to understand the
>>aorist participle of an action preceding that of the main verb: "after
>>anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord, let them pray over him ..."
>: ) Class of '99! I really didnt know what to call what I was looking for.
>I used "class" because that's what Dana&Mantey keep using in p.223 of their

Sorry; that's one of the (many) unfortunate things about using different
reference grammars: almost every one has something idiosyncratic about it
that is hardly immediately intelligible to those who don't use it.

>Now, can we understand that though the imperative is PROSEUXASQWSAN the
>*command* involves both prayer and anointing? That is, that the *command*
>requires the (preceding) action of anointing followed by the prayer by the
>elders. Is that a correct understanding of your (Carl's) "should do" above?

Yes, in my opinion: I'd say that the sequence is (1) he should summon the
elders; (2) they should anoint, (3) they should pray. Not infrequently the
preliminary actions that are part of a sequential command are put into
aorist participles agreeing with the subject of the imperative.

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