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Date: Wed Feb 17 1999 - 23:52:46 EST

> I notice that ZAW is occasionally used in the LXX transitively [eg LXX Ps
> 118:50]. Is this peculiar to LXX?
> While I'm at it: does anyone have any thoughts on the strange DEUTEROPRWTW
> reading in Lk 6:1 besides the suggestion of Skeat?
> Rick
> Rick Strelan
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> University of Queensland


LXX Ps 118:50 ZHSON ME

I would not call this a transitive use of ZAW.

This is not a Greek construction but a hyper literal translation of the
Hebrew word chayah with a first person singular suffix which is
represented in the LXX as ME.

This pattern does not appear in the GNT (according to Gramcord) and does
appear in the following LXX passages.

Psa. 118:25
Psa. 118:37
Psa. 118:40
Psa. 118:50
Psa. 118:88
Psa. 118:93
Psa. 118:107
Psa. 118:149
Psa. 118:154
Psa. 118:156
Psa. 118:159
Psa. 137:7
Psa. 142:11
Jonah 4:3

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