this week's exegesis passage

Date: Wed Feb 17 1999 - 14:50:29 EST giving me a headache. I know it would help to diagram the blasted thing, but I have no clue
how to start... so here's my flaming tyro question of the week.

The verse is Gal 3:16b. I have the 'a' part of the verse [TW DE ABRAAM ERREQHSAN AI EPAGGELIAI
KAI TW SPERMATI AUTOU] just fine. The rest is very very confusing to me. It starts OU LEGEI [I
am not saying? not saying what? no object, transitive verb?]; then a confusing mosh of clauses

KAI TOIS SPERMASIN [and to the (plural) seed]
WS EPI POLLWN [when upon/by/over many]
ALL' WS EF' ENOS [but when upon/by/over one]
KAI TW SPERMATI SOU [but to his (singular) seed]
OS ESTIN XRISTOS [which is Christ].

I guess what's really making me nuts is I can't figure out what the POLLWN and ENOS are referring
to, or which translation of EPI to use. I'm stubbornly refusing to look at the English --
probably a mistake, but I want to try to make sense of this myself first.

Feeling like a hopeless neophyte [which I take as a GOOD thing, actually, keeps me humble],

Jane Harper

Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA
Si hoc legere scis, nimium eruditionem habes.

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