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In response to Nicholas Wynder, who asked:

>> I bought a Greek bible the other day at a used book store. The book
appeared to be very old and I was surprised when I discovered its printing
was in Feburary of 1877 at Cambridge University. Its preface is in Latin and
naturally its body is in Greek. It was written by a man named F.H.
Scrivener. Its binding is falling apart and it looks a little tattered but
non of the pages seam to be missing. Im new to the language and Im not
familiar with any Greek scholars. I was wondering if any one knew anything
about the books author?
Nicholas Wynder <<

Unless Scrivener published two editions of the GNT in 1877, you have a
rather remarkable edition. Does it have 598 pp. plus preliminary matter?
And does it show variants throughout?

If so, what you have is his "critical edition," which gives all the
variants from Stephanus to be found in editions from Beza down to
Tischendorf and Tregelles. His next edition of the GNT was the one he
did for Cambridge U.P. in 1881 which exhibited the variants adopted by the
translators of the Revised Version, compared with the (presumed) text
underlying the 1611 A.V. (This is one of several of Scrivener's editions
which I own--like Kevin Woodruff, I treasure them.)

Scrivener was an excellent scholar, rather traditional on text-critical
questions, but he finally came to be somewhat sympathetic toward the
work of the giants among the Revisers, Westcott and Hort (but underline
"somewhat"). He was also a fine human being, apparently, and a devout

Edward Hobbs

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