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        Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensisis one of the most controversial of the
uncial witnesses. It is considered to be the principle winess to the
"Western" text-type although it was probably written in either Egypt or
North Africa by a scribe whose mother tongue was most likely Latin (both of
theses points are disputed). It is a diglot with Greek on the verso and a
fairly literal Latin translation on the recto. It consists of the four
Gospels and Acts. It has some interesting readings. Luke 6:4 has the addition:

        The same day seeing a man workin on the sabbath, he said to him,
"Man if you know what you are doing, you are blessed; but if you do
not know, you are accursed and a transgressor of the law."

       Some of the differences are reverential expansions to the Lord's name
(Acts 1:21; 2:38; 7:55; 13:33) added refrences to the Spirit (Acts 15:7, 29,
32; 19;1; 20:3) and an increase in phrases like "in the name of the Lord
Jesus Christ" (Acts 6:8; 14:10; 18:8)

        Some the longer readings are in the nature of explanatory glosses
(adding "Jesus" to the description "man" in Acts 17:31

        Some of the most peculiar readings are the additon of colorful
details. Simon the Magician is said to have tears in Acts 8:24. the prison
is said to have "seven steps" in Acts 12:10. The Phiippian jailer is said to
have secured the other prisoners before dealing with Paul and Silas in in
Acts 16:30, the time of Paul's lecture in Acts 19:9.

        Zuntz deals with other characteritics of the Western Text in Acts in
his chapt r "On the Western Text of the Scts of the Apostles," in _Opuscula
Selecta_ (Manchester, 1972).

Hope this helps!


At 09:09 PM 2/20/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Hello all.
>I am a young and inexperienced greek student and theologian but I will
catch up with you guys as we go...
>This is my first post to the list and naturally I have no idea of
previously discussed topics.
>I have a question concerning the Codex Bezae. In what ways does it differ
from the other Uncials?
>I have heard that the difference is vast in PRAXEIS but if anyone could
grant me more info I would be happy.
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