LUKE 6:4 House of God

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Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 15:11:06 EST

Fitzmyer (Luke 1-9, Anchor Bible) calls the expression: EIS TON OIKON
TOU QEOU in Luke 6:4 (also Mark 2:26) an anachronism. What Fitzmyer
seems to be assuming (incorrectly) is that this expression is only used
of the temple and not of the tabernacle.

In 2Sam. 12:20 (LXX) we see David going into the house of God:


The *Hebrew: WYB' BYT YHWH

This is the exact wording used in Luke 6:4. So the phrase can be used
for both the temple and the tabernacle.

*Pardon my transliteration.

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After Thought

I sent this post to greek-questions but that list seems to have fallen back into a comma, so I thought it might be of interest to some of you b-greek people. I will not make a habit of posting on both lists since I know that would not please those who are subscribed to both.

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